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Hog Heaven: The Muddy, Thrilling Genesis of 'The Pig Pen' in Big3 Basketball

Our tale starts in a magical realm known as the internet, where a legion of basketball enthusiasts, saturated with the pure love for the sport, dared to dream. These fans, these stalwarts of the game, weren't content being mere spectators, idly cheering from the sidelines. They craved a more profound connection. They yearned to rally behind teams they loved not just as fans, but as proud owners.

And so, the Krause House was born. This collective of hoop dreamers, set their sights on an ambitious goal: to own basketball teams and revolutionize the very way fans interacted with them. They didn't want to settle for just watching the game; they aspired to shape it.

With a burning desire in their hearts and some hard-earned funds in their pockets, the Krause House did the unthinkable. They bought the BIG3 Ball Hogs. Yes, you heard it right! They morphed from fans to owners, just like that!

But that was just the beginning. In a matter of months, the BIG3 Ball Hogs, under the robust and spirited patronage of the Krause House, emerged as the team with the most passionate fanbase in the league. They formed the “Pig Pen” and through spirited cheers, chants, and beats drummed out on 5 Gallon buckets, they hogged the limelight. Their inspiring tale featured on CBS multiple times and attracted praise from luminaries like Ice Cube and Brian Scalabrine. They weren't just another group of fans in the league; they were the league's beating heart.

Their journey is proof that dreams can come true, that fans can be more than just spectators, that love for a sport can transcend boundaries and conventions. They've shown the world that when passion meets ambition, you don't just play the game, you redefine it.